Don’t give up. Ever.

G. Scott Graham
4 min readJun 3, 2022


What does dedicated mean do you? Is it a concept your hold close to your heart? Or is it simply some concept you understand but fail to truly connect with, let alone navigate life with?


Does this word describe you? Does it describe the “you” that you bring to your relationships, goals, and health? Or does it describe the “you” that you could be but fail to bring to your relationships, goals, and health?

Too many people today give these words lip service. (If they didn’t, we wouldn’t have such a high divorce rate, such a high obesity rate, such a high rate of business failures).

I was reminded of what this word really means this week when a significant obstacle to a camping adventure to Lake Umbagog presented itself. Now, I have been planning this adventure for many months. In fact, I paid for the campsite over 8 months ago!

So, when my mechanic told me that my truck wasn’t up to towing my camper a couple of hundred miles, I was distressed and disappointed.

But I was also committed. Resolute. Determined.

I remember talking to a friend about my dilemma and saying, “I don’t care. I am going.”

I didn’t know how. But I was unwavering in one respect: I WAS GOING.

Solution Found

Renting a Uhaul was LAST — actually, it was not even on — my list. But as other options disappeared, I had to get creative and think outside the box. Why?

Because I was steadfast.


I had to compromise on some of my plans. After all, a Uhaul doesn’t lend itself to much other than, well, hauling. So, I chose to spend the week hanging out around the campsite instead of using the campsite as a basecamp for other outings.

I also lost a day — the first day — because I didn’t have it together between getting the Uhaul and packing it up.

But I still went to Umbagog. I was assiduous in my intent.

Blinded by Absolutes

Most people wouldn’t do what I do. They bring an all-or-nothing mentality to the people, places, and things in their life. And when their efforts fail to produce, they, all too often, blame those people, places, and things.

The car has to have no issues.

The relationship has to be perfect.

The effort to achieve physical health has to be easy.

Otherwise, we trade-in, move on, give up.

The trouble is there is nothing in life that does not have its dents, trials, tribulations, challenges, or rust.

Yet people trade-in, move on, or give up.

All the time.

The business is taking too long to produce money, medical school is too hard, sex in our relationship is unfulfilling, I got married too early, I’ve tried to lose weight before. The list goes on and on.

These excuses (sorry to break your bubble — they are excuses) result in a life made up of incompletes. Incomplete relationships. Incomplete goals. Incomplete health.

Results are there, just persevere

It won’t be perfect. (Remember that’s an absolute). But results will indeed present themselves because of your diligent efforts.

I am grateful for the results I have had this week because of my diligent efforts: sunsets, campfires, cuddling with the dogs, and even pizza cooked outdoors.

As I sit here writing this — an opportunity brought on by intermittent rain showers — I am grateful, so very grateful, to be here. And this gratitude is only magnified because of the struggle.

So, it is with gratitude that I wish for you to be unwavering, be ardent, be zealous. In your marriage, in your business, in your school, in your health, in your life.

Don’t give up.

The results are worth it.



G. Scott Graham

G. Scott Graham is an author, a career coach, a business coach, and a psychedelic support coach in Boston, Massachusetts. http://BostonBusiness.Coach